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Do's and Don'ts of the Trailwalker

There is nothing tough about walking a long distance. Walking 15-20 miles (24-32 km) daily is what human bodies are built for. But, sadly none of us does walk that much even in a week in our normal course of routine. So for many when they end up taking up such a challenge of 50 km, they get a bit perturbed. Read More

How to get fit before a trek?

Most people heading off on a trek must be at a fitness level wherein they can truly enjoy the trek. Unfortunately, leading a busy life and lacking a specific fitness regime leaves many trekkers less prepared than they should be. Training to be fit for treks is no rocket science. Read More

Preparing for the 50 km Trailwalk – What you need to remember and do

Walking is one of the easiest things one can do. We all do it every day. But, how does it feel when I say let's walk 50 km in 18 hours!! "Are you kidding me???" That'’s exactly how I reacted when I came across the 50 km Trail walk challenge. It is indeed a crazy bet!! Read More

Trekking is not difficult…If you know how to walk

For most of the level-headed outsider who is unexposed to the outdoors or wilderness – trekking is normally associated as arduous task trudging on some hard and uneven ground, climbing and walking on moraines amidst hostile environment with bare shelter, food and clothing essentials. Read More