Year founded: 2006
Area of work: Child Sexual Abuse

Arpan is a registered NGO based in Mumbai and the largest in the world* working on the issue of Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) with a team of dedicated and skilled professionals since 2006. Arpan has reached out to over 71,000 children and over 89,000 adults directly and over 4,60,000 individuals indirectly since its inception. Arpan is currently working in Mumbai and Thane in Maharashtra with a child centric model of intervention in the area of child sexual abuse (CSA) with a balanced emphasis on prevention and healing components. Arpan also understands the need for reaching out to adult survivors of child sexual abuse (CSA) in order to support them in an adequate manner and prevent any further re-victimization, as well as enable them to heal from the impact of child sexual abuse.